Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey everybody!
  We had an awesome week! At the beginning we had exchanges. I FINALLY left my area and stayed a day in Felicita with Sister Edgecomb. It was a lot of fun. While I was there I crashed my bike. It was pretty crazy. I flew over my handlebars and landed flat on the ground in the street. Now I have bruises all over my legs. My elbow was scraped up too. Luckily, I wasn't hurt too bad.
  That night I came back to Twin Oaks Valley and Sister Bradley and I met with Ashley. We set a baptism date for Friday and she was BAPTIZED! It was one of the coolest experiences. I have seen her grow so much in such a short amount of time. She has more hope now and a foundation she can raise her firecracker daughter Alexis.
  So we met with Ashley a lot to help her prepare for baptism. Of course we saw Pat. I promise we do other stuff, I just like to talk about Pat. She still isn't feeling up to par so we asked if some frozen yogurt would make her feel better. (It would) She LOVES frozen yogurt so we ran over there(it is really close) and we got her some. Inside the shop I called her to see what kind she would want and it was funny to hear her oohs and ahs on the phone when I told her the flavors.
  On Thursday Ashley was interviewed after our District meeting, then we had a luau at a ward member's house. It was a lot of fun. They have a SUPER nice yard and it was kind of hard to watch everyone swim. BUT, Alexis and Ashley were there and Alexis let me throw her in the pool.
  FRIDAY was the baptism. The Eshnauers, a really cool couple and our dinner appointment that day, took us through a drive through and to the stake center so we could fill the font and set up for the baptism. It was so cool. So many ward members came and helped out. Sister Skouson and Sister Grow gave awesome talks for the baptism and Ashley loved the whole thing. Brother Skouson baptized her. It is hard to describe all of what happened and to make it eloquent, sorry.
  We also watched Meet the Mormons with Ashley, some Woodland Village people, and another investigator at Woodland Village's movie theater. Kyle is amazing and she let us on short notice. 

  I hope you are all well! I love and miss you all!
 Patsy and Sister Bradley, two of my favorite humans.
 Friend's Yogurt!!!
 We scare Pat sometimes
 Keep it together.
 Brother Skouson!!!!
 That night
 Do I have to title all of these?
 I'm Alexis' favorite...
...or not.

LOVE Sister Dickenson

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